ATAC: Advanced Technologist Activation Center


ATAC is a consultant group who retired major corporations and have sophisticated skill and technology.

ATAC has track records as technology support for 300 companies and  900 projects in 32 years.
At the present 22 of skillful member are serving on the front line.

ATAC is working for improvement of quality and productivity in factories and for staff training. 

Additionally ATAC holds manufacturing seminars, presidents meeting for friendly discussion

and subsidy application support.
ATAC can correspond to various requirements of  small‐to‐medium‐sized enterprises.

History and profile of ATAC

ATAC is a consultant group which has been established in April 1991, and  reached the 30th anniversary in 2021.

ATAC member holds abundant experience, skillful technique and know-how.  The member goes to the spot and can advise about the technological development, product development, market expansion

and management system for medium and small size enterprises.  ATAC carried out consulting to

come up in 900 cases by today, and brought technology and business result on customers. Additionally,

ATAC performs the activities such as lecturer dispatch or hosts technical seminars. ATAC develops various activities in this way to contribute to the development of the medium and small enterprises which are industrial base of Kansai and Japan.  We hope your understanding of our activities, and please utilize ATAC for your business. I promise to be able to contribute by all means.


Kouji Inada  Chairman  of ATAC


ATAC has visited the excellent companies from 2003 and held president round-table conference at an annual pace, but it  has been suspended by COVID-19 corona infection from 2019.

According to the relaxation of the regulation, in November 2023 ATAC  performed a president social gathering.

We visited Koizumi Seisakusyo co.,Ltd in Sakai city as a factory tour, and President Tatuya Koizumi gave a lecture.

ATAC held a lecture of the 30th anniversary in Nov.18th, 2022. 

The lecturer was Daichi Chiba, professer of the Institute of Scientific 

and Industrial Research(ISIR) of Osaka University. 

The lecture theme opened up was "new possibility of the magnet".









On-line workshop

ATAC held on-line workshop with the ZOOM system

as COVID-19 measures twice a month. 

The left photograph is a scenery of the workshop held on Mar. 8, 2023.





ATAC performed the thirteenth regular lecture on February 25, 2020

while considering COVID-19 measures.

 The main theme of the lecture was “Don’t forget an Earthquakes, thunders, fires, and fathers. (The most terrifying things in the world)  ".

Lecture menu are,

  [1] "The latest movement of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

       about a business continuation power".

      Makoto Yamaguchi (ATAC member)

 [2] "Save a life and business from an earthquake by resonant frequency                    measurement of wooden houses". 

      Koichi Sakai (ATAC member)

 [3] " Are your facility OK? against increasing thunder damage".

       Kenji Hayashi.(KANDEN Engineering Co.)

Lecture about SDGs

ATAC held a lecture of SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) in Oct.24th.

Lecturer is an assistant manager of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
For promoting ESG investments by taking advantage of SDG management
Since the United Nations stipulated the Principles for Responsible Investment

in 2006, global society has been rapidly and dramatically committing to ESG investment which is placing weight on sustainability.